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The culprit is Socky. Sockies are distant cousins to chameleons and are able to mimic almost anything. Their greatest love is mankind. Their second greatest love is cleanliness. In modern times this has made playing in hot soapy washing machines and eating socks a kind of Socky Heaven.

Contrary to previous scientific theory the Socky phenomenon has manifested itself from the earliest caveman to the most modern caveman (high rise apartment dwellers). He has been in every society. Socky has ... so to speak ... always been 1 step ahead of Man.
The problem is that we are dealing with a 2 step process. A Socky will always mimic the sock it has just eaten. Because Sockies are such good mimics we can never tell it from a real sock. In fact you may at this very moment be wearing a Socky. The next time in the laundry Socky eats a different sock and mimics that sock.

I Can't Wait

That is the problem. We can only see the problem by what we don't see (our missing sock). By that time it is too late. Sockies are always one step ahead of us. This is the short version of what you get with a Socky if you order.
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Socky's singing valentine to ZDTV.com's Tilde.
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Christmas Socky

You get:

  1. A Socky
  2. A certificate of authorization to wear unmatched socks.(suitable for framing).
  3. The story with instructions on the care and use of sockies.
  4. A place mat is included with each Socky

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